Abofahdsh APK Download (v4.0.1.8) For Android

Abofahdsh APK Download (v4.0.1.8) For Android
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  • Android - 4.0.3+
  • v4.0.1.8
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Due to the high competition of online games players need a good DPI setting. So everyone wants to make their game better. Moreover, Garena players want to make their shooting best. Therefore, you need to be an experienced player or otherwise use Abofahdsh APK. By using these apps they are really helpful for you to change settings. The main purpose of DPI is to move the cursor on the screen quickly.

Many players are unaware of the word DPI which stands for Dot per inch. This is going to be the best mobile application for gaming lovers. It also helps you to change your mobile screen resolution and objects. Moreover, those players are unable to focus on little things on screen. Due to their eyesight issues even they can adjust their screen size.

Most importantly, this app is very simple to use that easily allows users to download and operate it easily. This app is great for fighting games as well. Every player easily kills enemies faster as compared to others.  This magic tool helps to provide everything necessary for gameplay to show on your screen. Many of you used old DPI so those who are unable to understand this tool. They need to download it from apkfast.org. This Abofahdsh provides you with a unique experience of display. In the future, you will be unable to experience blur or small objects.

Key Features Of Abofahdsh:

The Abofahdsh game is famous for its unique features and some of them are given below.

Customise DPI Changes

This main feature allows you to change your DPI on mobile. Players easily change their screen resolution or move their cursor easily. Moreover, it will help increase or decrease the size of objects.

Size and Resolution Customization

This feature allows users to change the resolution of the screen. This will allow you to make elements size bigger or smaller.

Ads Free

This app is available without any ads so you will easily use it without wasting your time.

No Registration or Subscription

This Abofahdsh app is available without any registration or subscription. Users easily use it without spending any money and log in.

Screen Quality

This app has good screen quality you will easily inspect everything.

Sensitivity Control

Many players of Garena and Pubg have issues with sensitivity Control. This Abofahdsh DPI app also helps them by resolving their issue in sensitivity Control.

DPI Option

This app helps you to choose your required DPI size.

Other Key Features:

  • Users friendly
  • Best for those players with low visibility
  • Auto Aim kill
  • Wall Transparency
  • Screen Adjustment
  • Drone overview

Pros and Cons Of Abofahdsh:


  • Provide you with full customization of screen resolution.
  • Very helpful to make small objects bigger.
  • This app is applicable for multiple games.
  • Very easy to use.


  • Sometimes it affects the display of games.
  • No accuracy.
  • Sometimes perform low.
  • Very few features. 


Abofahdsh is now simply available for your screen resolution and size. Everyone is now able to customize their screen according to their requirements. So users don’t need to improve their mobile devices they can easily make their games more efficient. Now users can try this app on their mobile device to get the best result.

This Abofahdsh app is bug-free so everyone can download it easily. Firstly, you should confirm your DPI settings and then allow them to change according to your requirements. Further, you can use them on your dummy accounts or use them randomly and check it is it work or not. Their main feature is an enchanting display that will never make their users bored from the screen. So everyone even old people can play games by changing screen Adjustment. Try it once for better results and make your gaming career more strong and better.