Baby Thief APK Download (Latest Version)v0.1.1 For Android

Baby Thief APK Download (Latest Version)v0.1.1 For Android
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  • Android - 5.0+
  • v0.1.1
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Today we played a game called Baby Thief which is very interesting to play on our devices. A baby thief is a person who steals babies. Baby thief stealing some baby means that someone has stolen your baby and you want to find out who it is.

As a mother, I am proud of my daughters and their accomplishments. But in the same way that we all feel proud when one of our children succeeds at something, it’s also important to protect them from the pitfalls that can come along with fame and fortune.

One such pitfall is baby theft, the act of stealing another person’s child from their home or car seat. If this sounds like something out of a bad movie or just plain ridiculous, don’t worry: it happens every day! Here are six examples of baby theft happening right now.

Any baby thief will steal the babies! This means that there could be any number of people in the game who have taken their own children from their parent’s arms and left them behind for good. Some people think it would be better if we had no babies at all, so maybe it’s time to let some go.

What is the baby thief?

Baby thieves are a common sight in our world, and I’m sure you’ve seen them too. They’re the kind of people who steal babies from their parent’s arms and run away with them, leaving behind an empty crib and a lot of unanswered questions.

But what if you were one of those parents? What would happen if someone stole your child? Would they go home with your other kids? Would they try to take over their lives? Would they sell them online or give them away at adoption centers as gifts for rich celebrities who need little ones as pets? If it’s any consolation, though: no matter what happens next, whether the baby thief steals some babies or not, you’ll always have to check them out.

It’s easy to spot a baby thief when you see one. They tend to be very young, with their eyes squinted and arms folded across their chests. Baby thieves will also give off a strong odor of rancid milk as they pass by you on the street; this is because baby thieves have raided your local nursing home for some new nappies, and must now make their way back home before nightfall.


Baby Thief gameplay is very unique and simple in the sense that the thief in the game stole the babies of the mother whether they are park or market or at home, so they stole them from their mother and it creates a very difficult situation for the mother to find them out so they wonder everywhere to find out their children in this gameplay you simply steal the baby and their mother will find you out to get their babies as soon as possible so angry mother is tried.

their best to find you and chase their babies so, you need to avoid being caught by the baby’s mother that will help you to safe from the baby’s mother, in the end, the more babies you will be caught the more points you will earn. So at the end of the game, the mom will be caught you and release your baby from you.


In conclusion, the baby thief is the best game and it helped the angry mother to find out about their babies. Baby thieves steal babies from their parents for their own personal gain and profit and you will check out how many babies you stole in the game that is available on