Badminton League APK Download v5.56.5089.2 For Android & iOS

Badminton League APK Download v5.56.5089.2 For Android & iOS
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Badminton League is now available for Android devices. It’s a social gaming software where you can play a range of games, get in touch with your friends, and enjoy the League on the go.

Designed for you to play and share live matches with your friends, family members, and other gamers online! League of Legends is a deceptively simple game that has evolved into one of the most competitive e-sports in the world.

This league is a sports game, where you practice and try to beat the other players in this sport, which is very easy to play. Follow the rules and become the champion of this ranking. You can play good badminton games on your Android phone. This is really fun for kids. Let’s enjoy badminton with friends and make nice game scores.

Which Android Devices are Required to Download this App?

The Smartphone features a 4-inch touchscreen display, internal memory of 2 GB, and expandable up to 32 GB with a microSD card slot. It is powered by a 1GHz quad-core processor, coupled with 2GB RAM and 8 GB ROM internal storage. It is the most exciting game ever. Get ready to play with enemies and defeat them by using all the battering power. Android version of the popular mobile platform game.

Key Features Badminton League APK:

  •  Easy to play with one hand
  • Wide variety of maps and levels
  • Two types of control 
  • Various scoring rules 5

Get the app on your Android device! In this app, you will play against other players in more than 18 countries. Win trophies, unlock new arenas, improve your ranking, and become the best player in the world!


The Badminton League is a sports game with fantastic control and superb graphics. Suitable for all ages, it features both single and, allowing players to compete against friends or other players in real-time it is a sports game with amazing 3D graphics, realistic sounds, and an intuitive control system.

In the world of Badminton, there are many fast and powerful shots. These Badminton games will test your skills on the court by giving you scores to improve your rating and knowledge. You have only 30 secs to win each match!

The League is back! Enjoy the most popular game in the world and train your skills. Improve your performance and gain confidence by winning matches, unlocking new achievements, and playing through different seasons.

Improve your skills, confidence, and self-esteem with the Badminton app. Top up your Badminton Player Profile to receive excellent training and guidance from the game’s leading professional coaches. Play your favorite Badminton games for Android.


The Badminton League is a multiplayer game where you can enjoy exciting and thrilling games with your friends. You will have unlimited fun by playing this game in which you will have to win points to gain the highest. This app contains over 250 of the best features that will make your Android experience a fun and enjoyable one!

The game’s simple: you have to move the ball with your racket to hit the shuttle. The higher the score you get if you play for a long time increases your rank in the game as well.

This new badminton Android Game is the most addictive game you’ve ever played. Experience the thrill of real-time gameplay, 8 different singles, and doubles categories, along with more than 80 characters to choose from.

The game of badminton is a true test for any athlete, who wants to get better and improve his or her skills. The Badminton League gives you the opportunity to improve your skills and try new strategies, applying them in real-time games against other players from all around the world. Develop your badminton skills with more exercises and training.

This is for Android, which gives you a chance to show off your skills if you are a fan of the game. It allows you to play against other players around the country, who are trying to win different tournaments.

The Premium Features Of This Game are:

  • New, exciting, and immersive badminton experience for Android devices.
  • A great sport to play, a Fitness, and Addictive Game
  • Play the best Badminton game on your Android, with all the latest features like OpenFeint and Live Leaderboards.
  • This app is for you! If you love badminton, this is the best app to make your own team and compete with other players in your country.
  • Become the ultimate badminton king or queen with Badminton Saga.
  • A great interesting game of badminton is also available on our application. The interface is user-friendly and can be used easily by all members of the family.

This is the new app and it gives you the opportunity to play a complete badminton match with your friends. You will have a chance of winning prizes as well.

Enjoy the amazing sport of Badminton on your Android mobile phone. Battle your way to the top of the league with a whole new level of strategy, fast action, and intense competition. 

Final Talk:

Badminton League is a fast and easy-to-play badminton app for you. Add some adrenaline to your game with the Badminton League. Show off your skills by playing against your friends or somebody else on the Internet. The only thing between victory and defeat is your deadly badminton League skills. Play a crazy good game of badminton League for Android. Place your racquet at the end of the opening and gradually get used to hitting the ball from this aspect. It’s not as easy as it sounds but with a little practice, your skills will progress quickly. Play the most popular sports game worldwide, the Badminton League. For more games and apps you can visit