Calendar Puzzle APK (Latest Version)v3.5 Free Download

Calendar Puzzle APK (Latest Version)v3.5 Free Download
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  • Android - 4.0.3+
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Calendar puzzle game is a new online game that you are playing on your Android it’s actually the new edition in puzzle playing games where you can reveal special data and then puzzle this data by scrambling all the pieces and then you reveal the special date and these games are not much easy that you consider they require your lit of attention to solve these games.

There are many mind games in this world that people love to play to sharpen their memories so these games are best for amazing brain practice. These games not just boost your mind but also increase your memory which will lead you toward a great future where you can use your mind by practicing these games again and again.

Calendar Puzzle Game Review:

This calendar puzzle game is similar as that to practicing the brain by solving tough situations and arranging the puzzle this is one of the most amazing that you have ever played in your life where you get a full charm to solve these puzzles that are very attractive for every player and they understand them better to solve all the situations like whatever case is that they are trying to solve them.

If we explain that thee are the best and funniest ways to practice your mind and body like we said a healthy mind keeps the body healthy so if people are in stress they need to solve these puzzles games of we named puzzle there are millions of games available that boost your IQ our suggestion is for the users always give thee puzzles to your kids so they can solve them all and practice Terri’s brain that makes them more intelligent and they easily sharpen their memory that really a basic need at that stage.

How To Play The Calendar Puzzle Game On Your Device?

It is the best next-generation game where the players arrange the date on the board as the name mentioned above the meaning of this game is a calendar puzzle it obviously means that you have to solve the puzzle on a calendar board their gameplay is very easy and unique that will automatically boost your memory like you have to mover the tiles in the bored so they seek full of your attention like when two tiles merge in the same line and they touch the same month then you merge them into one another piece as we give you some examples like if you find the same month and date like 4+4=8.

Or 2+2=4 This puzzle you have to solve and it’s best for kids nowadays. Afterward, two tiles match with 2048 and touch this tile then the players are able to earn the maximum points.

Super Fast Features Of Calendar Puzzle Game:

  • You can swipe your whole screen up for this work
  • Leaderboards are available in the game where all players match their puzzle scores with each other easily.
  • In Achievements submission you can submit your achievements in the game on your account so other people see your achievements in this puzzle game.
  • So there’s no limit to the score so you can make your record again and again by achieving higher scores.
  • Once you reached the yang tile you will earn the super bonus.
  • Then your new year and the new game cycle will start with the new amazing adventure and puzzle to sharpen your memory. 
  • You can easily save your gaming stats automatically in this calendar puzzle game. 
  • Free to use
  • The download is very easy just tap on the above download link and then downloading starts on your devices and then open the unknown sources and enjoy this puzzle on your Android screen.


This calendar puzzle game is the best brain booster that will help you keeps your mind healthy and make you more intelligent than leading you towards success it’s the best game so far I have seen that every child needs to play to practice their brain SK without any delay download it right now on your devices from