Lovecraft Locker APK Download (v4.1) For Android

Lovecraft Locker APK Download (v4.1) For Android
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  • Android - 4.0.3+
  • v4.1
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Lovecraft Locker is a fun game that is known as an anime game and it’s become a hobby for many people who love anime. In Japan people love to play anime on their devices so, they specially design these games as the pinnacle of all anime and we hope you will love to play and enjoy this game.

In this game, the different lovely girls are in your school and many times in the school girls pass out from the lockers so they make many goals in their life to have this girl. So you can tap on the available locker and slowly make tentacles when the girl passes by you and you will meet them in the locker.

There are many innocent views that fascinate you and these girls are very lovely so you want to meet them again. So this is a very cool and funny game where you can meet different cute girls.

What Is Lovecraft Locker APK?

When the first word we heard was Lovecraft Locker, which means this game is about the love for the girls that you will meet in school, so, these are actually the basic things that every person sees in their school life. This game is totally about love.

If you want to exchange the dialogue it’s your choice but if you want to just play the game then you will just play it. That’s very tough.  This game is just an anime, it does not depend on any story or dialogue.

It’s just fun and creates so much excitement to see the reactions of the players once they see the cute girls in their school. This is not a bad or any type of bold anime, it’s just to make people happy by seeing the beautiful girls when they pass through the hallway.

In this game, you also earn points that will help you to buy more lockers in the game for the cute girls. At first, your locker will be empty so no girl is passing out from your locker that takes a little bit of time but once the girls start to pass out your progress in the game is up.

This game is very easy to play so every player knows how to play it. It is really great to fascinate those people who are tired from the whole day so they spend related time entertaining themselves.

Switching some parts of the game is not risky so players can easily switch to any level. The players do not need to follow the rule of the game so they can make their game plot according to their choice.

Super Fast Features Of Lovecraft Locker APK:


The graphics of the Lovecraft Locker game are very astonishing and simple which easily fascinates the players and attracts more people towards them so, they also want to play this game. The developers of this game put a lot of hard work to design such an amazing game that really makes people happy. Their views in the game are very eye-catching which attracts any person toward the game.


The game is not so complicated so it’s very easy to handle because of their very easy control button. So, this game shows all the buttons on the screen where you can operate the whole game like the game stuff button, and the point status as well.


The gameplay of Lovecraft Locker is thrilling and very easy that is very fun to handle so, the players are hooked by seeing their beautiful and outstanding features so, without facing any hurdle anyone can play this game.


The game plot is very adjustable for the players so, they don’t need to follow the rules of the game which helps them not to be bound to the game and they can give the game a personalized touch to play the game according to their choice.


The interface of this game is very captivating and simple that attracts every user so they don’t even get bored with this game to play again and again.


Lovecraft Locker is the first ever game that every player should download without even thinking to download it or not. The attractive anime touch and their simple eye-catching graphics boost the numbers of the players of this game. Download this Lovecraft Locker game from right now hopes this article really helps you.