Sigma Battle Royale APK Download (Latest Version_v1.0.113) For Android

Sigma Battle Royale APK Download (Latest Version_v1.0.113) For Android
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  • Apps / Action Game
  • Android - 4.0.3+
  • v1.0.113
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  • Studio Arm Private Limited
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There are many various Action games you have played in your life like Pubg, free fire, call of Duty, and many more but today we will discuss Sigma Battle Royale this game also competes with these Action games with their best quality graphics and content in this game the items are Automatically selected such as you need the body kit for a gun or the first aid kit so for this purpose, the Interface of this game is so simple and unique.

There are only 50 people taking part in a single map at one time whether they are Bot or the original players where you can part alone in this battle and you will fight alone with all the 50 players and your minor injuries will lead you toward not surviving long on the battlefield. 

The best styling shooting which is specially designed for Android users is available on your mobile devices so, now you can try the Sigma battle royale 4v4 battle that leads you to stand till last in the game where you can easily compete with all the other 50 players to get the emerging victory. 

Sigma Battle Royale, you have the option to choose the point of your landing so your Parachute follows your landing direction and you can easily challenge yourself on such a huge map. The players only need to stay in safe zone areas as much as possible to save themselves.

You can also make a team with the other 3 players as well. It is your choice whether you want to tighten up with other members or not. So you need to work hard to fight with enemies to get the precious victory in the game. 

What Is Sigma Battle Royale APK?

The Sigma battle royale is full of fun thrilling and Action games that are specially developed for Android users. Where they can participate in the battle with their real-time combat the other players from all over the world create too much thrill while playing the game on their devices. 

Players can easily access the weapons, vehicles, and many other items that can easily provide the players to defeat their opponent in the game. In-game you will find out the three main modes that we will discuss here.

Team Deathmatch 

The best leading team survives till last in Sigma battle royale so, for this mode, their two teams participate and they fight against each other. The team who first eliminates all the players of the other teams will lead the victory and the main part is they can decide by themselves to set the number of lives in the game.

Free For All

In this mode, the players can fight against each other for survival on the battlefield so it’s compulsory for the players to eliminate all the other players in battlegrounds as much as they eliminate the players so it’s easy for them to win the fight. The last player will be declared the winner if they eliminate all the other players. 

Solo Mode

In the solo mode, the single player only played on the battlefield with all the other players so it’s a very challenging and tough situation to fight with all other players. To win this mode the players must need to survive till the end.


This Sigma battle royale game is a very fast-paced and Action game that leads to much excitement and thrilling moments in the game while playing. There are a variety of features you will see in the game like maps, weapons, equipment, and many other tools that are actually needed in the game. In this game public and private sections are available so it depends on the players they choose and compete with other players in a tough match we discuss their gameplay.

  • The first main thing is to download the game on your device then sign up with your social media link and get all the customized features according to your desire. 
  • Select the game mode of your choice whatever you want to play or decide to play in solo mode or duo mode or in combat to fight with enemies so if you enter into the game in solo Mode it’s very tough to compete with other players. 
  • Once you enter the battlefield you can find all the weapons by yourself that are scattered throughout the whole map if you find them first so you can kill your enemies easily. 
  • At the end of the game if you survive till the last and you kill all the players then you will automatically win the game and your rank in the game also increases.

Super Fast Features Of Sigma Battle Royale:

The top-rated features of this Sigma battle royale game that we will discuss here are very helpful for the players on the battlefield. 


  • Fighter 
  • Mage
  • Ranger
  • Support 


  • Three modes are available in this game.


  • In this feature, you can compare your gaming stats with all the other players in the whole world which help you to find your rank in the game. 


  • High-quality graphics are used that fascinate the player and they love to see these graphics and want to play all the time.


  • There are a variety of maps available so you can decide on the map according to your choice. 


  • No ads.


  • It’s totally free to download.


This Sigma battle royale game is the best game so far that may fulfill all your action game desires so it’s easily available on all Android devices and you can download it from This is a third-party Website so many third-party Websites are not safe to use because they can easily change or steal your whole mobile data so always use the authentic site to download these apps we are also trying our best to provide authentic data to our users that are virus free and may not steal your data or damage your device.