STN Beta APK Download v20.95 For Android

STN Beta APK Download v20.95 For Android
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STN Beta (Smart Tube Next):

We are introducing one more application in the competitive market We also designed it as Smart Tube Next. It works like YouTube. It has one more advancement it is a free social media app. You can watch unlimited videos without any subscription fee. You also call it a mini TV or Smart TV. We also designed it for Android. This app is free from the restrictions you face on YouTube.

it’s human nature that they ever want something new. Which is better than the previous one. Now YouTube is going to replace it with this app. YouTube is the most popular app used to watch. We are going to introduce the STN app to watch videos instead of YouTube. This application is small. Even if you didn’t use any account. You can use this app with your YouTube account.

It’s our suggestion to download the app from our website name APKFast.Org. We provide you original app without any hurdles. It is free from ads, subscriptions, Passwords, or registration. This is an amazing app you can use it according to your choice. Our developers work on software that improves quality. We know that the world is now based on AI. We are working with updated technologies.

This app is Compatible and used without hassle. Videos feature graphics, and audio has HD quality. Videos have maximized the time to watch. The app is not only advanced it’s smart app with minimum size.

You can never stop yourself from watching videos. We introduce different apps. You can check our website. We introduce many other apps like AHIP 2023.

What Is STN Beta?

STN Beta (Smart Tube Next) is watching a video app. You can watch unlimited videos. While using YouTube time you get frustrated because of ads. So here there is no ad. The app has all trending videos. You can control your subscriptions. Some people are addicted to watching videos. This app has many features and unlimited video series.

This app is amazing to watch videos. You need to search for videos that you want to watch. To control the volume use a button to control. You can use a full screen to watch the videos.

We provide these types of apps to you. For your entertainment. One thing more, these apps help you. If you are in any tension, you use these apps, it help you release your tension.

It is faster than other apps. It is free from ads. We are sure that this app will entertain you more than YouTube.

STN Beta Types:

STN Beta has two different types;

STN Beta for Android:

We designed it for Android TV. It is installed on Android TV devices and TV boxes. It is free from ads.

STN Beta for Fire TV:

This version is installed on Amazon Fire TV. It is installed on any Fire TV. Like Fire TV stick, Fire Cube, etc.

STN Features:

We bring the latest version of the app, which has features that we want to introduce. The app has no cost. We describe some of the features here.

Adds Free

It is an open source. It has a great feature that is free from is maybe a premium subscription. That provides videos free from advertisements.

STN beta is also known as Block –sponsor so you can enjoy videos without any interruption. When the sponsor block is activated it automatically removes add segments.

Easy to enjoy

You can enjoy all the entertainment without any hurdles. Need to install the video. Sign in to the account. You can use a previous account on YouTube. Search the videos or explore the channel. You can also customize the setting of the audio. It’s all up to you.

Multiple Languages

It has multiple languages. As we know English is an international language. So most people recommend this. This app provides many languages: 

  • Indian
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Korean
  • Chines

Etc. You check the language settings. Change the language that you want.

Subscribed Channel

  • You can control subscriptions. You need to subscribe to the channel that you want to check.

Free Installation

  • Don’t need any installation fee.

Playback Speed

  • You can adjust the playback speed. If you want to see only videos not want to reply to comments, then you can set it from settings. If you want only audio and video, you can also change the settings.


  • It has a discord service that helps you to chat with other communities.

Google Service

  • No Google services are required. It is free from ads and sponsor segments.

HD Quality

  • Videos have HD quality. You can enjoy videos and audio without buffering.

Blocked Streaming

  • It can easily block unknown streaming and sponsor segments.

Unlimited Videos

  • You can enjoy unlimited videos. Related to Health, Music, Education, Science, and more.

User Friendly

  • It is a user-friendly app. You can easily change settings. If you want to change its color, you can do it easily. You can also choose day or night mode. You can enable or disable animated options like auto-scroll.

Daily Update

  • Daily update available. If you want to know what is happening around you and the world, about education, health, etc. It provides you with regular updates to keep you in touch with the world. 

Notification Update

  • You need to enable the notification bar. It gives you all updated notifications related to subscribing channels. That tells you to come new.

Adjust Setting

  • You can adjust the settings of videos to play. You can change the settings of:
  • Play Back setting
  • Video setting
  • Audio Setting
  • Theme etc

Categories Of Video

  • You can find categorized videos. Search the videos you want to play. 
  • It has Education
  • Science
  • Health
  • Music
  • Sports 
  • Games
  • Style
  • Diy
  • And more

Remote System

  • It has also a remote control system. You can use a remote to control video, and sound, change channels, etc,

Android Setting

  • It has also an Android set. Because we designed it for Android TV. You can use it freely on devices and TV boxes.

Important Tips For STN Beta:

Install the latest version

We want to improve more and more. We suggest that you download the latest version that is more reliable. 

Use a file manager to install the APK file

You download the APK file from our site mentioned above. Then open the file manager in our Android and install it from here. After granting permission.

Sign in to your YouTube account

You can use your YouTube account to watch videos in STN Beta.

Use the search bar to find videos

To find the videos you want to watch search bar is available.

Play videos in full-screen

You can use the right corner to watch full-screen videos.

Use the volume buttons to control the volume

You can use the volume button to control the volume.

Use the rewind and fast-forward buttons to control playback

The rewind and fast-forward buttons on your remote control can be used to control the playback of videos.

Report bugs

If you find any bugs in STN Beta, you can report them to the developers. To report a bug, go to the STN website and click on the “Report a Bug” link.

Here are Some Other Tips:

Use the STN website to get help

Our website has a lot of helpful information, including a FAQ, a forum, and a blog.

Be patient

STN Beta is still under development, and there may be some bugs. Be patient and report any bugs that you find.

YouTube VS STN Beta:

Both apps are working great. But both have differences.


World’s second-largest app providing information through videos. It offers a wide variety of content including movies, music, and others. Regular updates are available. YouTube has many features. You can easily find any video you want to search. Information is safe.

STN Beta:

It is a free app to enjoy. Has a lot of features similar to YouTube. Including watching videos, subscribed channels, etc. But it has some features that YouTube didn’t.t have like: Block the ads, Skip the Sponsor segment, 

Download and Installation Process of STN Beta:

As we give information related applications. We also describe the process of the download. For other apps, you need money to buy the app and install it. We introduce free apps to install. Here we describe some steps of installation.

  • Need to visit our site.
  • Search the application name (STN Beta)
  • Click on the button to download.
  • Allow the third-party source to download.
  • Now the download process is complete.
  • Check the Android file manager. Click on the APK file.
  • Now the installation process starts.
  • Wait for a while till the installation is complete.
  • Now you can open it and check it by playing.

We are sure that you like to watch videos to your taste. You can access subscriptions, playlists, videos, and more content.


The app is free to download and has a lot of dynamic features. You can subscribe to any channel you want. It is ads-free, and block sponsor segments. It is safe from viruses. Also has Multilanguage, playback settings, and more. We assure you that you love this app and enjoy the experience. You download this app from our site. You share with friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is STN Beta?

A: Free app like YouTube. You can watch unlimited videos having HD quality videos. Designed for Android. You can adjust the volume, and remote control system, and get daily updates.

Q: Is the app useful?

A: Yes, of course, it is useful. Because it is free to download. No need for a password or registration. It is also free from viruses.

Q: From where we can download the app?

A: you can download it from our site APKFast.Org freely. No charges are required.