AG4 WhatsApp APK Download (v36.5) For Android

AG4 WhatsApp APK Download (v36.5) For Android
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  • Android - 4.0.3+
  • v36.5
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AG4 WhatsApp Similar to the original application, WhatsApp is a WhatsApp Messenger alternative that enables file sharing, voice, and video conversations, and file sending and receiving. This is not just any modified version; rather, it is a customized version that offers all the functionality of the official WhatsApp messenger in addition to a ton of brand-new capabilities.

It is also a communication tool with some fresh features and apparatus. Real-time communication with your friends or family is made possible by it. You may text, call, or video chat with them, send them files, exchange photographs, and more. 

It can also be used for sharing any content. Any smartphone, including the iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG, etc., performs best.

What Is AG4 WhatsApp?

A programmer by the name of Asim Mahjoub created and shared it. Therefore, you can download the AG4WhatsApp program right here if you’re looking for the finest safe, freeware, decentralized instant messaging network to connect and communicate with friends, family, teachers, students, office colleagues, bosses, and anyone else on the globe.

In addition, this AG4 WhatsApp application allows users to get in touch with their loved ones at any time and place. So, if you are looking for an app that can be used by people from all around the world to keep in touch with their loved ones, then you can download the application today and try it out.

It is a WhatsApp messenger specially created for Android users. This application is straightforward to use as well as it allows users to enjoy the best of worlds messaging app by offering them the simplicity of the official WhatsApp Messenger and the customization options of the AG4 app.

Features Of AG4 WhatsApp:

The AG4 WhatsApp App is a messenger that does the same tasks as the original WhatsApp, but it has been modified to include new effects, themes, and features.

The developer has made some new adjustments to the app to give users more pleasurable chat experiences, including these changes. The list below includes a redesigned UI, customizable chat, and more.

Free Of Cost

The AG4 WhatsApp gives you more functionality than WhatsApp and is completely free of cost.

Free Installation

You can install it on your smartphone for free and enjoy its functionalities.

A New Way Of Communication

It is a good way to communicate and share things over your smartphone.

New Features

In addition, it comes with many exciting features such as voice calling, video calling, group chatting, and more.

Easy Compatibility

It is compatible with all smartphone operating systems.

Font Colours

AG4 WhatsApp allows you to choose the colors of the fonts.

New Look

It is an application to be used by all WhatsApp users who wish to have more features in their messenger and get a different look.

Variety Of Notifications

This application helps you to receive a variety of notifications for any chat or message in your inbox.

Marketing Use

By utilizing the AG4 WhatsApp App for your business and marketing purposes, you will enjoy various features and options such as sending video messages, calling, group chats, sending photos and images, chatting with multiple contacts at once, etc.

Professional Profile

The most important thing is that if you want to create a professional profile, then this App is the best option.


Also, you will find that the app is much more user-friendly than the official version.

How to Download AG4 WhatsApp App:

Due to some reasons of Google, this AG4 WhatsApp is not available in the Play Store due to which you have to download and install it from the site APKFast.Org to use. But before installing, you have to enable an option. Look below to find out exactly which option to enable.

So, let’s take a look at the guide.

First Step

Is to search for the apps to enable Unknown Sources in the Android phone settings.

Second Step

Download the AG4WhatsApp APK right away, then install it and launch it.

Third Step

Tap the AGREE AND CONTINUE button.

Fourth Step

Enter and validate a working mobile phone number.

Fifth Step

After being authenticated, enter your name, upload a profile picture, choose auto-backup, and continue.

Sixth Step

Use the Contacts or Groups to communicate with anyone, exchange lengthy movies, and place calls.

That’s all Connect with friends and family using the application.


During this fourth revolution age, the communication system has significantly advanced. This is why, if you want to advance in communication management, you should right now download and install the most recent version of AG4WhatsApp APK. You can benefit from features like free calls, texts, pin chat, locks, etc. by utilizing this app.