GB WhatsApp Lite V9.91 APK Download For Android

GB WhatsApp Lite V9.91 APK Download For Android
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  • Android - 4.0.3+
  • V9.91
  • 36.6 MB
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A well-liked modified version of GB WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp Lite comes with a variety of special features and customizability possibilities. Many users find it useful because they may use it to share huge files, use several accounts, and modify the design of the program. Users should be cautious when downloading these applications, and they should be informed of the dangers of utilizing modded WhatsApp.

What Is GB WhatsApp Lite APK?

Similar to the GB WhatsApp and the standard WhatsApp, the GB WhatsApp Lite operates similarly. If you have a chat backup, you can easily restore your chats after creating an account using your phone number.

The fact that this software has an anti-ban feature ensures that using it won’t result in the suspension of your account is one of its wonderful features.

We’ll talk about this app’s themes, security, and privacy features below. Additionally, you can easily explore them on your own via the app if you miss any of them.

GB WhatsApp Lite Features:

Emoji’s and Emoticons

You have a huge selection of chat customization choices with GB light. It provides you with a variety of emoticons, emoji packs, and other options for customizing your chat and messaging. If you have never used a GB Mini customized version of WhatsApp, this is your best experience.

Occupy Less Memory

Your phone’s RAM memory is heavily utilized by your standard WhatsApp or even by a modified version of WhatsApp. As a result, the GB light provides a space-free (just 36.6 MB) WhatsApp mod that is elegant and small.

Additionally, it prevents unnecessary data and garbage files from getting onto your device. As a result, it keeps your device functional even when memory is low.

Share your Location

With GB WhatsApp Lite, sharing your location takes just one tap. Interesting? Sometimes it’s really tough to share your location, even while using a Google map, as when you’re driving. However, with this WhatsApp update, you may complete the process in a single, hassle-free step.

Multiple Accounts With GB WhatsApp Lite

Multiple accounts can be created for your GB WhatsApp lite. You could, for instance, add both your ordinary messaging account and your business account in the same app.

But to do that, you’ll need to sign up for two separate accounts using two different numbers. With GB WhatsApp Mini, switching between accounts inside the same WhatsApp program is simple.

Blue Ticks in GB WhatsApp Lite APK

The primary advantage of GB WhatsApp lite is blue ticks. You may manage how other people perceive your online availability with this lightweight version of GB WhatsApp. If the recipient is not online when you send them a message, a grey tick appears beneath the message.

However, if they are online but not viewing your message, you can see a pair of grey ticks. You can see if they have read your message by the blue ticks that appear next to their chat. You have observed that they are currently online because of this. What if they used a modified version of WhatsApp and disabled the blue ticks?

Media sharing in Lite WA

Your media sharing limitations are increased by GB WhatsApp light so that you can maintain an advantage over other WhatsApp users. Now, you may send up to 90 photos at once, along with 100 MB of music and 50 MB of video.

Message Scheduling

You can now plan your messages to someone, which greatly increases the interest of your messaging. Let’s imagine you own a business and a customer, let’s say a prospect, calls you when you are not online. Even if you are not online, this tool can help you interact with them.

WhatsApp Lite 1MB

Due to its lightweight and compact program size, which uses very less mobile RAM and makes it operate faster compared to other MODs accessible online, WhatsApp Lite is also known as WhatsApp Lite 1MB.

Ways to Download and Use GB WhatsApp Lite:

  • Install the GB WhatsApp lite from APKFast.Org.
  • Save the APK file on your device in a specific location. Installing it and making it available to others will be helpful.
  • After you tap the Apk file, you will be given the option to install the application or cancel it. The install button must be tapped, then you must wait until the program is installed.
  • A window asking you to confirm your phone number will appear after you have installed this Apk file. Now, input your phone number and wait for WhatsApp to issue you a six-digit code.
  • Verify your phone number and enjoy the best experience with GB WhatsApp lite.

Ways to Install GB WhatsApp On PC:

  • Install the Blue Stacks emulator on your computer and open it.
  • Next, access the GB light APK file online and save it to a private location on your computer.
  • Launch Blue Stacks and it will operate like an Android device.  
  • Navigate to the location where you saved your APK file from the screen and tap the Apk file to install it.
  • Verify your phone number as you would on an Android device, then launch GB WhatsApp lite.


The superior WhatsApp mod is called GB WhatsApp light. Although one of the best WhatsApp mod versions is readily available online, it can be preferable to modify WhatsApp. Every system has space for improvement, but it also needs to solve a lot of issues.

Because of this, a developer created new versions in 2023 to provide you with the greatest possible WhatsApp experience. Overall, the dozens of features in this version of WhatsApp make communication between people safer, healthier, and more enjoyable. For more information on the WhatsApp mod version and its updates, keep checking