Proud Father APK Download (v0.13.7) For Android

Proud Father APK Download (v0.13.7) For Android
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It is because, nowadays, fathers are busy in their jobs and businesses for money. Fathers can’t manage everything at once, so we bring you the best game, which is developed to teach you how to become the best father, and that game is the proud father.

The responsibility of a father is not only to fulfill the basic needs of the family, but he also needs to take care of his children, and he also has to be involved in parenting for the better future of their children and for developing great personalities. He should be a role model for his children. For that purpose, we have brought you this application to help you become a great father. This is the best game for fathers as well as for younger males because, in the future, this game is going to help them.

What Is Proud Father Game?

Proud Father is in the form of a story. You have to role-play, and you are in the role of an ideal father. This game includes many scenes, as you are given the role of an ideal father, so you have to take care of your children and put your involvement in parenting, spending quality time with your children, taking care of their breakfast in a timely way, sending them to school, and your involvement in school activities like parent-teacher meetings.

You are supposed to provide financial support to your children and also emotional support for their better development. It would be wrong if we called this application a game rather than a good platform to learn parenting skills. You can play this game when you connect your device to the internet, so make sure to have a fast and good internet connection.


Proud Father is a combination of fabulous features and so many features that there will be a shortage of words to describe all the features, but some of the main features are below:


Proud Father’s Game has realistic and amazing graphics, so you can have a realistic feeling while playing this game. As graphics are the main feature of games, this game has remarkable graphics.

Anyone Can Play This Game

Proud Father can be played by any person. This game is not only for fathers, as every male is going to be a father one day, so young people can also play this game. As this game teaches parenting skills, females can also play it to enhance their parenting skills.


You can customize your character in different ways and give them multiple looks. This game is designed with perfect themes and concepts. 


While playing this game, you can experience real-life situations and conditions and learn different parenting skills.

Sound and Visuals

While playing this game, you can experience realistic sounds and visuals. And because of this feature, this game is the next level. This game is added for free, so you can enjoy your game without disturbing ads.

Free Of Charge

You can play this game free of charge. Without paying a single piece of money, just download the game and start playing. And it is also light in weight, so don’t worry about space or size. 


A perfect, responsible father who never gives up on the grooming of his children. He always takes care of his children. The proud father game shows that children need love, care, and attention. It provides a platform for parents from which parents can learn parenting skills. Parents need to learn parenting skills because it is the factor through which their children can receive the best nourishment. Play this game for your children and show them the love they need. For more games, you can also visit our website