Teaching Feelings APK Download (v2.6.1 A-2208) For Android

Teaching Feelings APK Download (v2.6.1 A-2208) For Android
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  • Android - 4.0.3+
  • v2.6.1 A-2208
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Many of you love to play games and are interested in reading novels as well. Today, we bring this type of game where you can get a novel-based game called Teaching Feelings. Sometimes, many of you are tired of reading books but this game will never get you bored and tired. Besides all that, you will get a different storyline in this game. This game supports multiple languages and multiple characters that grab more users. Moreover, by using this app you will get different stories like novels and also gameplay.

In this game Teaching Feelings you will get a novel story game based on the love story of a young girl named Sylvie who doesn’t have anyone in the world. You will play the role of a kind-hearted doctor who rescues the girl Sylvie. In the whole game, you will be guarding the girl. This game is a shortcut for all those who don’t want to read the whole novel. Most importantly, they will also try some adventures in the game.

What Is Teaching Feelings APK?

In the Teaching Feelings game, you will also enjoy novel-based stories. But you will play a game based on different levels. By passing each level you earn rewards. Nowadays, everyone wants unique games that engage their users. Now their search will stop because once they try this game they don’t want to play another game. This game is becoming famous day by day around the world. In this game, you will become the protagonist to save the girl.

Those boys who never make any girl friends now will make a novel-based game. Teaching Feelings allows you to support a girl in her difficult time. Unless you will have many adventures together. This game is not only based on rescuing or saving girls. Furthermore, boys have to earn something to maintain their life. Like, go shopping and explore the world that will make Sylvie’s life more beautiful.

Most importantly,  by playing this game you will find out the real value of women. In this game, you will discover Sylvie is very weak. This game makes you a protector of girls and how you protect a girl from hardships and provide her beautiful lifestyle.

Key Features Of Teaching Feelings:

In this novel-based game once you start to play you will find a lonely girl. The girl who has no one in this world like no parents, brother, or sister. You will help that girl make her life beautiful and save her from the world. As a doctor you play a role in the game, you will also heal her wounds and become a friend of hers.

Character Customization

This game provides you with another option for customizing characters. Once you start to play games online you need to make your character more customized and beautiful that will benefit you.

Games Graphics

This game is available in 2D graphics that provide a colorful screen that helps you to play games easily.

Games Level

If you are afraid of how you pass every level. No need to worry, this game provides you with an option of easy, medium, and hard levels. So, you can choose any level of your choice and the story will be based on level difficulty.

Other Key Features

  • Download free of cost
  • No login is needed
  • Provide importance to human values
  • Easy to play


This Teaching Feelings is the best game that I heard and played as well. This game provides a combo of novel story and adventure as well. That’s how you save a girl from different enemies who are going to attack her. Hope, this game is wonderful and helps you to kill your boredom as well. For more games visit our website apkfast.org.