Friday Night Funkin APK Download (v0.2.9) For Android

Friday Night Funkin APK Download (v0.2.9) For Android
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  • Android - 4.0.3+
  • 0.2.9
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A well-developed gaming app designed by the developers for music lovers is Friday Night Funking. Due to the rhythmic pattern of the game, it allows the players to compete while utilizing their musical skills against their opponents. Right-clicking to the right tune assists you in making a prominent and remarkable move with the production of a prominent sound. Different levels of difficulty and modes test your ability to create a proper rhythm and test your musical taste. Thus, you can enjoy both the gaming experience and musical enjoyment at the same time. Let’s enjoy the unlimited premium features with the Friday Night Funking Game.

Friday Night Funkin

What Is Friday Night Funking?

Friday Night Funking is designed to check the musical taste of the player. In this APK, you have to complete a challenge that includes kissing the girlfriend. But for this, you have to face her father and defeat her in musical taste. The father of the girlfriend is the player of the musical rhythm. You can select the difficulty level with the mode selection to complete with the father. Pass the levels with the right selection of tune to defeat.

You can now enjoy this gaming experience on any of your Android devices or even on a PC. Just download the mod of Friday Night Funking and win the heart of your girlfriend.

Updated New 2024 Features:

While fighting with the father of your girlfriend with the rhythm and musical tunes, you can enjoy the premium features of the game. Here are a few features of the game that make its app preferable and distinguish it from the classic version of the FNF.

Free Version 2024

Friday Night Frukin 2024 offers you the free version of this game that allows you to access the premium features of the game. You don’t need to pay to unlock the premium features of the game. All the features are easily accessible.

Latest Version 2024

Besides the free version, Friday Night Funking is now available in the latest version. Download the Friday Night Frnkin latest version and enjoy the new and advanced features and tricks of the game.


A comprehensive security io is provided within this app. You can easily access this app on your device without any restrictions. It’s trustworthy and secure to use. You can use this mod on any of your devices, however. Due to its compatibility and sustainability with all Android versions and the PC, You can easily enjoy the gaming experience with this app.

Musical Rhythm

A lot of tunes and musical rhythms are available in this game for free. You just need to create the correct pattern by clicking the right button at the right time. With these musical rhythms, you can compete with the father of your girlfriend.

Difficulty Levels

In the middle of difficulties, you can shift your mode from simple to more complex. You can select any mode according to your skill compatibility to defeat the component. The opponent’s moves in the game became more and more difficult when you switched modes.

Download and Install.

Friday Night Frukin mod is free and compatible with all of the devices. You can easily access its latest version through Just click on the below button to download the latest version of the game and enjoy your mysterious journey.


In short, Friday Night Funkin mod is a mysterious gaming app to kiss your girlfriend by winning the heart of her father. You can use the right keys to create the proper music. You can access the premium features of Friday Night Funking without any cost. As the game is available for all devices, you can enjoy its experience on all devices. Download the latest version and enjoy the musical rhythms.