Hole House Game APK Download (v1.0.1) For Android

Hole House Game APK Download (v1.0.1) For Android
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The Hole House Game is a new video game, where you run your business. Run your business with new strategies and new techniques. The staff of the house is not well at work, so you are responsible for hiring new employees. In the game, you can use helpful resources to complete the tasks and achieve your goals.

You have to act as an owner of the house, and you are also responsible for taking the business to a higher level. It isn’t easy to convince the girls to work in the game, But you are very smart while convincing them to work. You have to be strong because, on some occasions in the business, you may face hard times and find the best way to solve the problems.

You will never be bored while playing the house hole game, because the hole house game is full of new adventures and you also enjoy those adventures. Its music is more interesting, enough to boost your energy, and attracts you towards the game.

What Is Hole House F95?

Hole House Game is the latest simulator game, where the players act as the owners of the house. the player runs the business successfully and achieves their aims and goals. The player can also make new strategies to complete the task well.

It all depends on how you handle the situation and how to find the best to the situation. In the beginning, it is quite difficult to arrange good and skilled staff for your business. You always convince your staff to work hard and you must support them.

It is more important to make a good relation with your staff members and motivate them towards the work. The first thing after taking the business is to introduce new and beautiful faces in your house. it depends on how you deal worst situation and how to make it successful. You can also use the helpful resources to complete the tasks.

Features Of a Hole House Game:

We are back with a new and one of the most player video games that can provide entertainment. Its main features are mentioned below.

Full Control

In the game, you have full powers as an owner and you make all the decisions. In the game, you can do everything.

Multiple Languages

Multiple languages are a big advantage in the game because the player chooses the language that they can better understand. It is easy to understand the user as well.

Free Of Cost

Many players pay money to play such types of games but whole house game is free for all users.

Beautiful Girls

You can always interact with beautiful girls in the game. You also customize them according to your choice but in the real world, it is not possible.

Realistic Environment

This game is very related to real life and its activities are also related to real life, so the player can enjoy this game.

HD Graphics

The graphics of this game are better than other video games. The player can enjoy the HD Graphics while playing the game.

Very Easy Inter Face

To play the game It is important to know about the game. It can be played by any less experienced player.

Download Or Installation Process:

  • First, there is a download link available on the above article, just click on the link.
  • After clicking on it, it takes a few seconds to download and your app will download.
  • Now, you need to open your device settings.
  • After, opening your device settings just enable the unknown sources from your settings.
  • After completing all these steps your app is installed and you are ready to play the game.


In the end, we just say to our users that we give all the information about the game in the above article so read it carefully. In the game, many hurdles will come but you have to deal with them smartly and enjoy the game. For more of these types of games visit our site Apkfast.org. Hole house codes are also available on this site.