SuccuBus StrongHold APK Download (V1.0_4) For Android

SuccuBus StrongHold APK Download (V1.0_4) For Android
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  • Android - 4.0.3+
  • V1.0_4
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  • Succubus Stronghold
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In this boring world, we bring another online fighting game full of adventure. This game is available on your Android devices as SuccuBus StrongHold. This game brings new content that makes this more interesting such as letting you build a powerful fortress. This game is full of adventure and fun that make you happy while playing the game. In this game, you will develop different buildings that help you to learn terrain in how to build characters.

SuccuBus StrongHold

However, the content of this game is very unique in which you will travel the whole world. There is a princess bond with the world and has a special gift that can transform into a beast to fight. This beast helps to save the princess from the enemies in the game. To try out this game you will download it from our site and try it if it is worth playing.


In this game, you will find different castles that help to find different tunnels in the game. In this game, you will see some princes help the princess to find out from the castle. Further, it will help the princess to save her from the cursed seal. Moreover, this game will help you to learn different fighting moves from the princess that will help you further in the game.

To customise your gaming experience this Succubus Stronghold APK has vast customization options for its players. Most importantly, this game gives a variety of new costumes, new characters, and a variety of weapons to their players. There is a prince in this game who travels the whole world to find a princess to bond with. Afterwards, finding the princess, the prince made her bride. In this game, the prince has only three options to travel the world with the help of foot, mount, and airship. This Succubus Stronghold provides a huge variety of weapons and their new updates are also available.

Key Features of Succubus Stronghold:

This Succubus Stronghold APK provides multiple styles of action games. This will allow players to defeat enemies. There some interesting features will be discussed here that provide multiple options to win games.

Simple Game Control

To make your game more interesting and simple there are simple game controls available to defeat enemies.


Some different opponents in the game are available like demand, devils, spirits, evils, monsters, zombies, ghosts, vampires, wraiths, and witches.


In this game map option is available for the players to find where they are standing in the game.


The Graphics of the game are very high in quality which makes your game more interesting with their beautiful enchanting color.

Game Content

The game story is very unique and makes the princess’s life beautiful by helping her to save from the beast.

Free Of Cost

This game is available free of cost so without paying any money you can avail of this action-thrilling game on your device.


The most played strategy game in China is the Succubus Stronghold APK. In the previous five years, it has been installed more than 10 million times. You can even put your friends to the test to see who is the best player in the game. It also provides a range of features that assist you in monitoring your advancement. This entails facing fresh difficulties. There are fresh things to gather. There are new tasks to complete and monsters to defeat. and tons of new mysteries to discover.

You can play the Succubus Stronghold Seduction APK for free right now. I hope you have fun using it. Thus, go ahead and download the most recent version of the game and get started. If you find the information useful, you must rate this article. For more games, you can visit