World Of Solitaire APK Download (v2.1.0) For Android

World Of Solitaire APK Download (v2.1.0) For Android
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Since Microsoft connected with the PC in 1990, laptops, smartphones, and tablets have been the main sources for playing different games. World of Solitaire is the main pillar of the computerization of games. These are the best card games that are available for free around the globe. it’s the best solitaire so far.

What Is The World Of Solitaire?

To get to the treasure that is across the island and very far away from the mainland, you play. When you play solitaire on an Android device, you collect various objects such as artifacts, antiques, and numerous gems.

You must complete all of the available tasks, which improves your logic skills, and you must always rely on your concentration.

When you start with new adventures and beat all the hurdles and traps, that will help you to complete your game and win many gifts by playing many mini-games as well.

The Following Levels You Play In The World Of Solitaire Are:

Klondike Classic Solitaire has different challenges and levels (4000). Daily missions are available. Everyday challenges collection of trophies Draws 1 or 3 cards are available. Method of playing the world of solitaire.

Moving Cards

From one pile to another, you need only to drag the card. With the help of a cursor, with just one click, the cursor moves to your choice of location.

Flipping Cards

The cards are flipped from the piles of cards. The cards are flipped from one pile to another pile by only clicking on different cards. With every click, the cards will be flipped.

Empty Piles

When you have a king, then only the king is able to move on the empty pile. Firstly, in an empty pile, you move the king, then A, and then the remaining card to complete one column. I reached my goal by moving cards.

In any empty goal, the ace card also moves easily if you want to move the cards. In that case, you will easily achieve your goal.

Why Do Many Players Like To Play This Game?

This is a well-known single-player card game in the world. This game is mostly avatars on all PCs or laptops already installed on the computer.

If you start the game at the start you will feel a little bit bored while playing but when you become a good player you are going to love this game solitaire you like such as Free cell Tri peaks Spider solitaire and many others As compared to simple solitaire you played, this is more committed and you get more fun while playing spider solitaire.


The World of Solitaire card game is the old version, and its new version is named World of Solitaire Klondike, and its style also changed. In the old version, you have seen in the windows, they were all pretty planned. They were classic games. Now in the latest version, they have completely changed their style.


  • Landscape and portrait.
  • on difficult stages, the powerful magic item will help to complete the stage.
  • This game is available offline.
  • You can easily download this game from without paying money.
  • Your opponent is seen by the leaderboard.
  • The games on devices are easily synced.
  • This game is also playable on mobile and tablet devices.
  • For updates, more features are available.
  • This game relieves stress.
  • This game has a classic style.
  • The graphics are very beautiful and colorful.
  • All levels are very interesting.
  • Bonuses and daily missions are available.
  • It’s very fun to play and very easy to learn.
  • Complete the difficult levels that are very hard to complete, different boosters are available to complete the challenges.
  • When you share the link on different social media platforms, then you have a chance to collect the avatars.
  • Rewards and challenges are available on a daily basis by playing mini-games.
  • When you complete the difficult levels, then you will be able to unlock the adventure challenges and win the new bonuses on the island journey.
  • If the players play this game with their friends on social media, they will earn more bonuses and coins.
  • If you do not continue the game and log out of your account from the device, and you log in again from another or the same device, you will be able to continue the game from where you stopped the game.

Installation Requirement:

  • I need a newer version of Android devices than 4.0.3.
  • Storage space must be enough.
  • You need a good internet connection if you play online.

Download Process:

  • When you click on the link, The game starts to download on your mobile devices.
  • Once the download is completed, click on the settings button shown on your mobile screen, then go to security and enable Unknown sources.
  • Now open the game for the first time. To open your game, you need to turn off the Internet connection.

The Benefits And Drawbacks:


  • Just with a single click, the cards can be used. leaders for the game.
  • The adventures and exciting gameplay offline of this game are also available. 
  • You do not need an Internet connection.
  • The gameplay is very easy and interesting.


  • This game may lag sometimes.
  • The old version and the new version’s gameplay are the same.


Now in the modern world, the game world of Solitaire is available online and we play this game with our friends on Facebook, etc. When we were young, we grew up playing this game on our desktops, but now we play it on our smartphones as well. For feedback or any questions, kindly comment below or rate our app.